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FITURE Smart Retail
Experience Design

Shanghai, China


UX/UI Design


Our goal is to design a retail experience that allow consumers visiting FITURE retail stores to understand and feel the product features within moments.

About Product

Fiture mirror provides users access to all kinds of fitness workouts at home, with just one click on their phone through Fiture app. AI Motion Engine is our key product feature, which reads user body movements and guides users to workout more accurately and more efficiently.


Our Goal

To build a retail experience for consumers visiting FITURE retail stores to understand and feel the product features within moments.

Retail X 1.0

Originally we had a retail mode on Fiture mirror that does not require Fiture app to interact with. Although it requires customer to scan QR code with Wechat to experience the product through Wechat mini program. However, we thought this process has filtered numbers of potential users. Asking customer to scan without providing any experience or branding content could be risky.


Retail X 2.0

Therefore we decide to take the phone out of the experience. We leverage our AI motion engine to rebuild a direct human machine interaction, Retail X 2.0. Consumer visiting our retail store are able to interact with our product with simple arm movements. No app download, no QR code scan is required. Retail X 2.0 first took place at a Winter Olympics offline event for test.


Retail X 3.0

Down side of 2.0 is obvious after its launch. Our interface is perceived as touch screen interface. Key lesson was learnt that we should forget about all the mobile interface design.  So 3.0 is a brand new experience designed starting from scratch. We came up with completely new interface design for clearer instruction and more cohesive human machine interaction.




To avoid misunderstanding as touch screen interaction, I decide to take reference from mobile notification bars instead of button like elements to design interaction instruction.  Also I avoid displaying multiple instructions at the same time to decrease user learning cost.


Retail X 3.1

3.1 is an iteration based on offline feedbacks on 3.0.  And it covers more offline scenarios than retail stores. Retail space is workout friendly. However we also have pop ups in 3rd party retail space like malls, that are not as ideal for workouts. A sub version of the experience is required. While maintaining the same interaction design, we prioritize branding contents instead of workout contents for 3rd party space. Besides, we also simply our arm gestures to be more public friendly (Some could be embarrassing in Asian culture), and to increase interaction efficiency.




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